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Welcome to the only jewelry store in New Mexico
that offers a guarantee

on both the ring and relationship.

At Bullock's, we don't just sell jewelry - we help create cherished memories and moments with our customers.

Relationships are at the heart of our business for over 90 years, which is why we make you two promises:

1) We promise to listen to your needs and treat you like family. We have a saying here: The first time you come to Bullock's, you're a customer; by the time you leave, you're family. You matter to us, and we vow to help you like we would our own flesh-and-blood. We want your heart to be expressed in every piece we sell, create, or repair - everytime! 

2) We promise to provide the best workmanship and quality at the best possible value. You deserve a piece that will last a lifetime, or longer! We have been taking care of our customer's pieces for generations and we vow to continue to do the same for you. We aren't here to provide you with the cheapest materials - we want to provide you with the best pieces at a price that is competitive and fair. We don't mark items up just to mark them down and make you feel like you got a deal. We mark them in right the first time and we do it to give you the best options at your disposal!

No matter where you are or where you go, our promises remain true. We have clients all over the world and it is our joy to help them tell their stories. Contact us and let us help you tell yours!

All the best,

Kyle & Don Bullock 
and the entire Bullock’s Jewelry Family


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